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Welcome to Moving Points Acupuncture and Wellness. Moving points is an office based and mobile acupuncture practice run by licensed acupuncturist Lee Entel Hurter.  Treatments may include different styles of acupuncture, moxibustion, and cupping. Moving Points is dedicated to providing client-centered, trauma-informed, body-positive, and harm-reduction based treatments.

Moving Points is committed to offering treatments to  people who have never received acupuncture before, as well as to seasoned clients. Treatments are available for children and adults and cater to the individual client’s needs and desires.

Acupuncture Clinic Reviews | Lakewood Acupuncturist

"I've been going to Lee [for acupuncture] regularly for about a year and can't recommend him enough. He's helped address issues ranging from a sprained ankle to chronic congestion, to stress, anxiety and grief. I look forward to my appointments because I know I'll walk away feeling more grounded, since Lee is such a caring, attentive and thoughtful practitioner."

Your Stories ...

Rachel Jensen (Denver, manager at Apothecary Tinctura)

Lee is amazing! I felt so comfortable working with him, and immediately relaxed as soon as I sat down for the intake session.  He was so thorough in addressing my concerns and helped bring out some issues that I didn't even realize could be addressed with acupuncture.  While I have been a user of acupuncture for many years, cupping and moxa were both new to me, as well as his approach of 5 element acupuncture.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed all three services he provided that day, and I left feeling more relaxed than I have in a long while.  The most interesting (and unexpected) side-effect I noticed were psychological and spiritual.  I felt a renewed sense of hope accompanied with my daily activities and a drive to complete projects that had long been lying dormant.  I'm not sure how it worked, but I cannot speak highly enough about it.  Thank you Lee.  

Kelly S (Denver)

"I've been going to Lee regularly for about a year and can't recommend him enough. He's helped address issues ranging from a sprained ankle to chronic congestion, to stress, anxiety and grief. I look forward to my appointments because I know I'll walk away feeling more grounded, since Lee is such a caring, attentive and thoughtful practitioner."

Alex S. (Denver)

"I started going to Lee for treament a couple of months ago and it's become my new favorite act of self-care.  Lee has a very compassionate ear and intuitive/creative approach to crafting his treament approach for each session.  When raving about him to my friends and describing 5 element acupuncture, I like to say it's like he's conducting a symphony of energy around my body. I've found his treaments especially helpful for sustaining my energy levels during stressful times.  Super restful and a wonderful release.  I leave feeling fully recharged. Highly recommended and affordably priced."

Rebecca Crane (Boulder)

Lee helped me recover after a major panic attack related to a life-long anxiety disorder. Throughout our time together, he was knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs as a trauma survivor, very professional while still being friendly and accessible, always open to answer any questions about the treatment process, and fun to work with. What's more, it helped! I was initially somewhat skeptical about acupuncture but, since working with Lee, my anxiety has decreased dramatically and I haven't had a panic attack in months. I am very grateful to Lee for helping me recover my equilibrium."

Michelle Bressette, RMT, Spiritual Counselor, (Denver)

"My first session with Lee was amazing.  I have been in constant pain for at least 3 years, and following the session which included acupuncture to old scar tissue and cupping to a related area, I was completely pain free!  I really appreciate Lee's knowledge and ability to answer my questions as well.  I plan to book more sessions to continue this wonderfully therapeutic work.

Omy Golden (Boulder)

"I've recommended Lee to all of my friends. His incredibly calm, caring and down-to-earth manner is just wonderful, especially for people who might be nervous or unsure about trying acupuncture. He is a knowledgeable practitioner who really takes the time to explain what he's doing and involve you in the healing process. His obvious passion for the work comes through in every interaction I've had with him."

Michelle C (Denver)

"Lee is an amazing acupuncturist!  I have seen him for a number of reasons - from anxiety & stress to pain management.  Whatever my reason may be for going, he is always attentive, warm, and caring, and helps me reach my health goals.  I absolutely recommend him!"

Will Hall MA, DiplPW, Community organizer

"'I've known and worked with Lee Hurter for more than ten years, and our friendship is a continuing source of inspiration. Lee led development of several highly successful low income community acupuncture programs, introducing acupuncture to many hundreds of people who had no other access to holistic healthcare. Lee combines a wise practitioner's skilled sensitivity with principled commitment to community empowerment. I highly recommend his work."

Caty Simon, Holyoke, MA

"Lee is non judgmental and flexible in his treatment of his client's needs. The acupuncture he gave me for opiate withdrawal gave me a lot of much needed relief."

Tony Shannon, LMT

There was one treatment from Lee in which I requested more energy and focus to accomplish tasks I was avoiding. No joke, I went home and cleaned the basement from about 5pm till at least midnight. From going through boxes of papers to actually scrubbing the floor. I was like, wow this is bonkers. I got it done in basically one night. Lee brought out energy I didn't know I had to accomplish a task that I had been dreading doing. After all that I slept like a rock that night.

Andrew Younkins

"I have been fortunate to receive numerous acupuncture treatments from Lee over the years. Lee combines an intuitive, compassionate approach with a wealth of knowledge of acupuncture techniques. His skills are first-rate." 

Michael Dabrowski (Louisville)

"When I'm with Lee I feel like I can be myself. I'm fully listened to, and fully understood. My health concerns are always addressed and I always leave with new perspectives and insights into how I can approach my life. Lee's insight, experience and wisdom are true gifts. I highly recommend working with Lee.

Dianna Watson (Boulder)

"With every needle Lee taps into the ancient wisdom of your own body's ability to heal, and is a source for that healing to come through"